Cannon Asset Managers builds investment solutions, both local and offshore, for individual and institutional clients. Over the past twenty years, we have earned a reputation for results.


We hold to the time-tested truths that time rewards patient investors, and that asset allocation determines long-term results. Our investment philosophy and process is simple:

  • we buy good assets at great prices,
  • we manage risk before considering returns, and
  • we keep a keen eye on fees and portfolio management costs to ensure these do not erode client returns.


When judging whether an asset is “good” or not, we consider its full environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) footprint and impact. Responsible investing is central to why and how we do what we do; benefitting society through appropriately stewarding capital and benefitting clients through offering superior risk-adjusted returns.


Our investment solutions span the full spectrum: from passive, low-cost, multi-asset passive solutions at one end; through to high concentration, high conviction active solutions at the other end of the spectrum.

For many investors, “buying the market” rather than trying to beat the market – or, in other words, investing in passive funds – is the most effective way to achieve their investment goals. Our passive investment bundles, available through Easy Equities, achieve this by using passive underlying instruments across all the major asset classes and countries.

From pension funds and insurance companies, to high-net-worth individuals, family offices and retail investors, our relationships with our clients are the testament to our success.